HS-Luftfilterbau GmbH is your innovative supplier of a wide range of air filtration solutions for HVAC, supply / exhaust air treatment in Cleanrooms, Medical-, Pharmaceutical- and Processair applications.

Here you will find high-quality air filters for many applications.  

From the standard air filter through to highly specified customer-oriented system solution, we offer you beside the complete range of usual standard products also fully tailored products according to your needs. All filter solutions we offer are manufactured in our production plants in Kiel / Germany.


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Filter Know-How

Biostatic Bagfilters

Actually we assume no real need for biostatic treated filtermedia. Regular filter changes are the best way to keep a good hygene level. Filters are similar to "underwear" - regular changes prevent smells and bacteria. 
For some problematic processes (i.e. with high levels of spores, bacteria & humidity) it may be advised to use bagfilters with biostatic treatment to prevent contamination of the clean air.
For this task HS-Luftfilterbau GmbH offers filtermedia with added classic biostatica that have been tested intensely for their toxic behaviour and are found harmless for human beeings. The benefit of our bagfilters is, that the biostatic treatment is part of the fibre. This ensures that it ca not be solved by humidity or get airborne on the clean air side.